Good,Times Three

November 5, 2012

Hello! My weekend can be summed up in one sentence. Good times, good food, and a good workout! Good Times It has been quite some time since I ventured out on a Friday night. My friend Adrielle and I decided to check out to a new-to-us bar for drinks. She suggested The Lady Silvia after […]

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Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

August 16, 2012

Hi all! Thanks for all your kind comments regarding my last post. I am feeling so much better this week just trying to get back on track. I figured I hadn’t shown a days eats in some time. Those posts are always some of my favorite, so here it is… Smoothies are one of my […]

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New Workouts and Old Friends

June 25, 2012

Hi, friends! I tried a new workout this weekend and I think I may just be hooked!

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30 Day Shred and Giveaway Winner

July 27, 2011
Open-mouthed smile

Hello hello!  Thanks for all your sweet comments from the last post about the bridal shower!  I’m glad everyone liked it! I haven’t talked too much about exercise lately on my blog.  It’s not that I haven’t been exercising; just not consistently.  I’ve been hitting the gym at least 3, sometimes 4, days a week.  […]

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Four Kegs

June 2, 2011
Sad smile

Hello there!  I started my day off with a sweat session at the gym.  If you saw my tweet from earlier this morning, I wasn’t able to get a bike at spin. It worked out alright, since I had a few exercise sheets with me in my bag.  I believe this workout is from Carrots […]

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Back Into It

May 22, 2011

Hi guys!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  I couldn’t wait to tell you all that I did my longest run since the half.  Yippee! Saturday My coworkers and I ran pittman wash again Saturday morning.  We didn’t go into it thinking we’d do a long run, but covered about 4 miles.  I did a […]

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Getting Cruise Ready

April 8, 2011

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the weekend. I haven’t talked too much about my workouts lately on the blog (especially since getting done with my month of bootcamp).  For the most part, it’s been the same old stuff. Since kicking off April and realizing that I officially have […]

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Bootcamp Kicked Butt

February 25, 2011

Hi all!  I couldn’t wait to fill you in on my bootcamp class!  As I had mentioned, I had a Living Social deal for 30 days of unlimited bootcamp classes.  I figured what better time than now to get started. I snuck in a picture of the indoor studio.    They had the exercises set […]

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