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TV and Tostadas

April 13, 2012

Hi! So, the segment wasn’t as bad as I had thought.  I did realize that I definitely have to work on props.  If you watch, my “cooking” props didn’t look how I planned.  They look a bit flat, let’s just say. Without further adieu… April 2012 In between school, watching old episodes of My Boys […]

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Curried Broccoli Couscous

November 9, 2011

Hi there!  I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this time change.  I woke up this morning and actually had sunlight!!  Makes starting your work days a bit more bearable, don’t you think? I have a delightful recipe to share from Real Simple magazine!  As a gift for the past few Christmases, Santa my […]

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Goat Cheese Pasta and Home Reveal

June 17, 2011
Open-mouthed smile

Hello! Let me paint a picture for you.  My roommate comes in the door last night and walks in the kitchen to greet me.  She sees me cooking away; while at the same time making the biggest mess.  She lets out a giggle and states, “I would’ve never thought you’d make such a mess in […]

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I’m In Empanada Love

April 20, 2011
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Well hello there! My morning started off pretty busy, but kind of trickled down a bit in the afternoon.  The kiddos are on spring break this week.  It’s hit or miss whether they will show up to their appointments.  You wouldn’t believe how many no shows we get at my work.  Don’t they realize how […]

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