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Chobani Greek Yogurt Giveaway

November 30, 2012

Happy Friday! I am happy to have a 3 day weekend coming up!  Swanky boyfriend is running the Las Vegas Marathon Sunday, and me being the best girlfriend ever, is going to cheer him on.  We both took Monday off so we can continue to celebrate our anniversary with a little pampering at a spa […]

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Yasso Review and Giveaway

May 8, 2012

Hi all!  I have a fun summer treat that I wanted to share with you.  A couple weeks ago, the folks over at Yasso contacted me to review a few of their products.  ef=””> I was definitely intrigued and gladly accepted.  I mean, frozen Greek yogurt bars and smoothies!?!  Sounded delicious..and they are! Yasso was […]

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Meatless Tacos

February 10, 2012

what it means if your first love does not come back even you tried so hard after broke up Well hello there! How is everyone’s week going?  Mine is pretty great.  Got my first midterm out of the way (not sure of my grade yet. eek!) and had a pretty easy breezy week since. I […]

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Giveaway: Chobani Greek Yogurt

December 14, 2011

Raise your hand if you love Chobani!  You all know I do!  In place of sour cream or as a simple side, I can’t get enough of this yogurt! Chobani has offered to give away three, count ‘em three, 32oz containers: 0% Plain, 2% Plain, and 0% Vanilla Greek yogurt to my readers! *The giveaway […]

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Packing and a Premiere

May 27, 2010

Hello!  Today was honestly the most productive Wednesday I have had off in a while.  I cleaned my whole house top to bottom.  I have a friend that is staying with me tomorrow night so I figured might as well make my house presentable. I even managed to sneak in a body pump class.  It […]

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Guess the Sugar

April 16, 2010

Hello hello! Thanks for the nice comments on my new header.  My coworker’s boyfriend helped me out…thanks Ryan! So glad tomorrow is Friday!  Any fun plans for your weekend?  I may or may not have a date tomorrow night! I actually had a bit of a change from my normal work schedule.  My coworker and […]

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April 9, 2010

Hello hello! I had the best Wednesday. I love when I am able to get my errands and chores done during the week! It leaves more fun time for the weekend! So I thought for something a bit different, I would share a little bit more of what I do at work. I know most […]

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Such A Dork

April 7, 2010

Hi guys!  How is your Tuesday treating you?  I have tons of exciting things to share.  First off, I made it to spin class this morning at 5 am!!  Now, I know to some of you reading this might not think that is a big deal, but I haven’t gone to this class for months.  […]

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