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Champagne and Bubble Gum

April 5, 2012

Hi, friends! Happy Thursday! I am so excited to announce the winner of the Cabot Cheese Giveaway! A thanks to all of you that entered.  I did take previous entries into consideration and the winner is Kayla! Congrats Kayla!  Kayla says her “favorite use for cheese is as an accompaniment to wine!”   I couldn’t agree […]

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Keeping Count

September 18, 2011
Open-mouthed smile

Hi guys!  I had another busy and bridal filled weekend!  If you are keeping wedding down, two more to go.  Saturday started off with my friend Whitney’s bridal shower.  After throwing Kristen’s shower, this was a piece of cake.  I think I’ll be a pro by the end. Whitney’s soon to be mother-in-law bought […]

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Shower Success

July 25, 2011

Hello!  Today I threw my first bridal shower!  It went very well!  I think the bride had a great time! One of my favorite ideas for Kristen’s shower was this “message in a bottle.” I had guests write down their favorite piece of advice for the bride and groom. Wrap it up, tie a ribbon, […]

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Tea For Me

May 19, 2010

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!  I had all intentions last night of posting about the bridal shower from Sunday.  When I got home, I ate dinner and watched way too much TV.  Why does Housewives of New Jersey have to be so addicting.  [source][/source] The one thing I did manage to squeeze in was […]

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