Easy Weeknight Dinner

July 24, 2012

Hi!  Who caught the Bachelorette finale??  What do you guys think?  Do you like Jef?

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A Night Like No Other

April 16, 2012

Hi all! I’m alive!! Not feeling all too great, but alive none the less.  Saturday I celebrated my friend’s bachelorette!  This is my last one for a while.  That’s  probably good since I just can’t catch up. The beautiful bride to be was dressed in white while the ladies wore pink. We started off with […]

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Keeping Count

September 18, 2011
Open-mouthed smile

Hi guys!  I had another busy and bridal filled weekend!  If you are keeping wedding down, two more to go.  Saturday started off with my friend Whitney’s bridal shower.  After throwing Kristen’s shower, this was a piece of cake.  I think I’ll be a pro by the end. Whitney’s soon to be mother-in-law bought […]

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Rumor Has It

August 28, 2011
Open-mouthed smile

Hello!  I’m alive!  Feeling pretty good seeing as that I was out until almost 4 am last night.  My friend Kristen’s bachelorette was so much fun!  We started the evening by meeting at our hotel for the night, Rumor.  It has a very modern and, dare I say, swanky décor inside. We loved the look […]

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Cupcakes and Milkshakes

July 17, 2011

Hi!  This weekend more than made up for my last couple low key ones.  So much to share! The weekend started by cashing in a groupon for a cupcake decorating class at Castle of Cakes.  Unfortunately my mom wasn’t able to join me, so I flew solo.  After getting settled, the group got started by […]

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