Hello readers!  My name is Kristen!

I started this blog to share my love and knowledge of food and nutrition.  I became a Registered Dietitian in May 2008 and currently work with children.  I am also pursuing a Masters in Health Communications and will be finished in 2012.

I love to eat healthy, but still love to splurge on wine and desserts.  I hope by reading my blog you’ll see that even as a dietitian, I have my own struggles with healthy eating at times.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas and currently have a place with my two cats, Oliver and Charlotte.  Most of my family lives in Vegas, including my sister Andrea, whom I am very close with.

Since starting this blog, I have also tried to work on my cooking skills.  I have definitely developed a love for cooking along the way.

I recently completed my first half marathon along with a few other races these past couple years.  Check out my other bucket list goals here.

Here are 7 fun facts about me!

Hope you enjoy my blog! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at swankydietitian@yahoo.com.

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