Three Easters

April 2, 2013

Happy Belated Easter!  I was going to post my recap last night and then we plopped on the couch for the season finale of Walking Dead and I was done after that.


Any Walking Dead fans out there?  Love that show!


Easter (which I kept calling Thanksgiving for some reason) was so nice!  Swanky boyfriend and I technically enjoyed 3 Easter festivities: my friend’s, his parents, and  my parents.  I tried to space my meals throughout the day so I didn’t get too stuffed.

We started with Easter brunch at my friend Whitney’s.  She is the party planning extraordinaire and her food never disappoints.

As part of their Easter celebration, they also revealed the gender of their baby…it’s a girl!


She made the most amazing spread.  My favorite was this French toast casserole (top corner).  She mentioned that it was a combination of a Paula Dean recipe and one of her mother’s.  Delicious!


And her mom made my favorite…chocolate covered strawberries!  YUM!


The last stop was my parent’s house.


I was giddy with excitement over my Easter basket.  I am 29 years old and my mom still gets me an Easter basket.  I love it!IMG_9511

Although it was just the immediate family, my mom ALWAYS makes a ton of food.  But, we did manage to get quite a few leftovers.

The highlight of the meal was fried asparagus in cheese sauce.  Now, this is no healthy dish…but was it just delicious.  If fried asparagus weren’t amazing enough on their own, the creamy cheesy sauce just takes it over. the. top.


And for dessert, my mom made her infamous ice box cake layered with a sweet cream, banana slices, and lady fingers.   I couldn't resist a slice.


Of course we had a few photo ops. :)



We really enjoyed all our Easters yesterday!

Other Swanky Scoop:

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How was your Easter?  Do you still get an Easter basket?

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