Catching Up

January 9, 2013

Hello!  Sorry I didn’t put up my usual weekend post.   Swanky boyfriend and I enjoyed happy hour, I had dinner with the family and caught up with friends.  I was camera free all weekend and it was nice to take a mini break and just enjoy!

I did bring my camera last night for dinner with friends!  We enjoyed dinner at Red Velvet Café.  I had been to a smaller location at the Fashion Show Mall, but not at this larger location.  I was so excited!


After perusing the menu, I was surprised how many options had meat.  I know the desserts are vegan so the mainly meat filled menu was a bit surprising.  The good thing is that they have many substitutions!

I thought I would change it up and went with something really different…spiced broccoli slaw chicken burger.


A grilled chicken burger topped with spice broccoli slaw, spicy house dressing, mozzarella cheese and roasted tomato.


The sandwich was huuuge..and messy!  Not a good first date food, but thankfully I was with my ladies so I could be as messy as I wanted. ;)


But, the flavors were amazing.  The combination of the cold creamy slaw paired well with the tangy dressing.


And there was melted cheese in. every. bite.

I practically finished the whole thing it was just so good!

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Of course, I couldn’t eat at Red Velvet Café without having a piece of red velvet cake, now could I?  Their cakes and cookies, as I mentioned, are vegan.  Now, I have

tried baking vegan goodies before and they just don’t turn out.  I don’t know what they put in their desserts, but you sure wouldn’t be able to tell they are vegan!  While my friend enjoyed this piece, I took the same one home for swanky boyfriend to enjoy.


I thought I would  change it up and went with vegan red velvet cookies.  They serve them warm so they are super soft and the chocolate chips just melt in your mouth.


I enjoyed one and boxed up the rest!


It was such a great night! I really enjoyed getting the chance to catch up with my gals!

Other Swanky Scoop:

My foot has finally started to feel better (it’s been forever!) but I didn’t want to push it too much tonight so instead I did a little workout paired with some yoga at home.
I did 4 different moves each for 1 minute.

  • Speed Skater
  • Mountain Climber
  • Inchworm With Pushup
  • Squat Jump

I went through 4 sets in no time!

Although it was a small workout, it felt great to be moving!  Yoga was the perfect end to it.  It feels so great to stretch, doesn’t it?  I am going to try my first run tomorrow on the treadmill.  Can’t wait

to get back into it!  Since not being able to work out, I am definitely falling into the wintery slump.

Thanks for reading!

What is your favorite “quickie” workout?   Have you ever tried or made a vegan dessert?

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