Rumor Has It

August 28, 2011

Hello!  I’m alive!  Open-mouthed smile Feeling pretty good seeing as that I was out until almost 4 am last night.  My friend Kristen’s bachelorette was so much fun! 

We started the evening by meeting at our hotel for the night, Rumor.  It has a very modern and, dare I say, swanky décor inside.




We loved the look of our suite! 


We didn’t waste any time getting settled into our room…we put our all our beverages.  We clearly have our priorities straight. Winking smile


I brought along a bottle of skinny girl margarita, but wasn’t all the impressed.  I ended up drinking a variety of things throughout the night.  Big no no!


Bachelorette Rule #1 :  Get the bride decked out in bridal wear.  Kristen didn’t want to wear the veil I got, but she did put on her bride-to -be sash.


Once we were ready, we headed off to our Stripper 101 class at Planet Hollywood.



We checked in and redeemed our free drink coupons.  I got a margarita!  It gave me just the bit of liquid courage I needed.


We learned how to give a lap dance and also a few moves on the pole.  The instructor was amazing and had been exotic dancing for 10 years.    Kristen and I already have looked up more classes to attend since we loved it so much!!  Don’t worry, I don’t think there will be any career changes in my near future. Winking smile 


I chose COOKIE as my stripper name!  So many to choose from… XTASY..BOOTYLICIOUS… but COOKIE just seemed like a good fit!  For the rest of the night, we went by our “stripper” names.  Smile


Bachelorette Rule # 2:  Make sure there is plenty of food in your tummies.  My mom sweetly made us the most amazing pressed sandwich.


It had layers of goat cheese, salami, prosciutto, artichokes, provolone cheese, and basil to name a few.  It was the perfect bachelorette fuel.


We had some time to kill in the room before we went out dancing.  This is where the shenanigans began. 

Bachelorette Rule # 3:  Drinking games are a must!  For the night, if anyone asked the time, you had to respond… It’s Hammer Time! or (of course) would have to take a drink.  There might have been some MC Hammer dance moves thrown in there once we really got to drinking.

My strawberry margarita jello shots were a hit, but they didn’t taste too strong for as much alcohol I used. 


Shots, shots, shots!   The ladies loved them!


Once it was late enough, (in Vegas, you can’t go out clubbing til around 11) we walked across the street to the nightclub, Vanity, at the Hard Rock Hotel.


Gotta love girls night out!!


We danced and danced the night away!  My feet were killing me, but it was well worth it!


We curled up in bed and didn’t get up until after 10.  I don’t remember the last time I slept that late.  Needless to say, we didn’t feel too great and I have been a bit of a lump all day.  Thankful I have tomorrow off!  And for the record, I’m super sore from that class!  It really is as great a workout as they say!

Thanks for reading!

How was your weekend?  What would you want your stripper name to be?

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