Recipe ReDux- Frozen Dessert

August 21, 2011

This month’s Recipe ReDux didn’t go quite as smoothly as the others.  I am known for making messes in the kitchen and on myself, but not to this extent. Sad smile  Let’s just say, I had to change clothes I was that drenched.

But you know what; the most important thing is the end result.  And trust me, I enjoyed (what was left of) this recipe even more since I worked that much harder to get it.

August’s Recipe ReDux theme is frozen desserts.  As seen (or not seen) on my blog, I haven’t dabbled much in this area.  Just another reason why I love these monthly challenges.  I sat scratching my head for quite some time, trying to conjure up the perfect frozen dessert.

I started thinking about my favorite foods, hoping I could incorporate them somehow.  Coffee, peanut butter, and bananas came to mind.  I eat/drink these pretty much everyday.  I don’t know what it is, but something about that magical combination got me thinking it would make a perfect frozen dessert.


I simply gathered up my goods. (Ripe bananas work just fine for me.) I made a batch of coffee ahead of time (sticking it the fridge to cool).


I threw in the blender peanut butter, banana, coffee, and a splash of milk.


I blended the ingredients until they were silky smooth.



Popsicle molds were the perfect vehicle.  I borrowed these darling molds from my aunt.


I poured the mixture into the molds and attempted to put the lids on. (Insert slight set back here. Winking smile)




Pop them in the freezer and you’re good to go!  I was beyond excited about how well these turned out!  I loved the hint of coffee flavor that you taste.  There are a grown up popsicle if you will.


I love this dessert, because although it feels decadent, it is not calorie laden.



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What is your favorite frozen dessert?

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