Sister Time

April 10, 2011

Hi!  I had a pretty low key weekend and I must say, it was fabulous!  Sometimes you just need a weekend to relax.  I have the house decorating bug again.  I finished hanging up frames and such for my wall collage. 

What do you think?


All the frames aren’t filled, but I am hoping I can get some good shots on my cruise. 

I included one of my friend and I from around first grade (I’m thinking).  I am on the right.


Also, a badge from a 10 k I did a while back.


It has been fun to start putting things together.  I plan on adding more frames, but it’s a good start for now.

I initially said I wanted to add pops of red to my living room.  Well, I am thinking I might do a bit of yellow as well .   I found this mood board on Young House Love that led me to the idea.


What are some of your favorite stores for getting good deals on home decorations?

Saturday night, I had some great sister time with Swanky Sister.  We decided on dinner and a movie.  We threw around a few ideas but ultimately decided on pizza. 

After looking in my fridge, I realized I had most the ingredients to make Iowa Girl Eats Thai Tofu Pizza.  I’ve loved every one of her recipes I’ve made, so I figured this would be a great choice.

We did leave a couple ingredients out, going the lazy girls route, including using a store bought peanut sauce I already had in the fridge.

Thai Tofu Pizza

Sautéed up some some extra firm tofu, marinated in peanut sauce, until brown.


Cover pizza crust with peanut sauce


top with cooked tofu


chopped broccoli


and mozzarella cheese.


Follow directions on packaging for baking pizza.  Once cooked, top with mango and peanuts.



This pizza turned out amazing! 


I loved the idea of adding tofu to the pizza.  I am thinking of making a similar pizza with bbq sauce and tofu.  The wheels are turning for sure!!


After cooking dinner, we watched Tangled.  It was adorable!


It reminded me of how much I love animated Disney movies.  I just loved Little Mermaid and Aladdin growing up.  I wanted to be Ariel soo badly.  Open-mouthed smile

That is about all over here folks!  I got a few magazines in the mail that I can’t wait to start flipping through.

Hope you had a great weekend!  What is your favorite Disney movie?

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