Hi, all!! I promise to not make every post all about weddings, so I do have a delicious recipe for you today as well as some other updates.

Wedding Home Stretch

But, I will give you a quick update on wedding stuff.  The invitations were sent out and I have already gotten back 50 or so! If you follow me on Instagram I have been posting some wedding updates quite a bit.


It has been so exciting checking the mail and spying our RSVP cards!!!

I have been putting together other little things for the wedding such as welcome bags and bags for my bachelorette party.


I also ordered two different dresses to wear for my bachelorette party in August. I will let you know which one I go with!


It is all going by soo fast!

A New Exercise

I haven’t shared too much about exercise this past year on my blog, mainly because I have really been struggling with motivation. I belong to a local gym that offers a variety of classes but it was really becoming blah to me. My friend does Crossfit and I was picking her brain about it. I decided to sign up to give it a try. I am about 2 ½ weeks in and I am LOVING it!


It is such a challenge and every workout is unique. The people at my local Crossfit are so sweet and made me feel welcome right away.

Truth be told, I have been sore every day!!!

A Cheesy Recipe

As a member of the Cabot cheese board, I have gotten the opportunity to sample some delicious cheeses. Swanky fiancé and I went on a long hike Saturday (after I did Crossfit) so we felt like we earned a burger and a beer.

Cabot sent me this darling bag of goodies filled with various cheeses, dish towels, and napkins!  I have already used the bag for carrying my groceries. SO cute!


We decided to do stuffed burgers with Cabot’s seriously sharp cheddar. 


These stuffed burgers are super easy to make and takes a traditional burger up a notch. 

Start by separating your ground beef into patties. You could also use ground turkey. Whatever floats your boat. :)  You want to make two smaller patties for each burger. Take two slices of sharp cheddar and lay them on one patty.


Top with other patty and make sure to seal the ends so the cheesy goodness doesn’t come out.


Then you are ready to grill ‘em!


With pan set to high heat, place burgers onto grill pan. Let patties sear for about two to three minutes. Rotate 90 degrees and cook for another two to three minutes, depending on thickness of patty. Flip once and finish cooking on other side, about 3 minutes.


I actually wrapped mine in lettuce but for photo purposes, here is the boys burger.


These were delicious! The flavor of the sharp cheddar just takes these burgers over the top!  Pair it with a salad or sweet potato fries and you have yourself a great BBQ meal.

Thank you, Cabot!

What is your favorite way to eat/cook a burger?

*Disclaimer: I was provided cheese by Cabot Creamery. as always my opinions are honest and my own.


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